Short Story Competition

26 March – closing date is to be extended by a week to 3rd April due to the virus and pressure of time.

In conjunction with the Queensland Writers Centre, the Brisbane Early Music Festival is holding a short story competition called “#Challenge Accepted”, with the theme of … wait for it … Early Music! 

The competition will open 18 February 2020, and close 27th March. It is open to writers from across Australia. Postponement of the Festival due to the virus will not affect this competition except that prizegiving will no longer be public.

Length of story: 1500 words maximum

Prizes: 1st prize $100, 2nd price $50, with publication of the winning stories in the QWC magazine. Prize presentation will be at one of the Brisbane Early Music Festival concerts.

Submission: To the Queensland Writers Centre

You can write about Mediaeval, Renaissace or Baroque music – performers, luthiers, or even from the point of view of an instrument of the period. Or you could write a story based in the present about performers presenting early music or some other aspect that involves music from one of the relevant eras. The main judging criteria will be: very good writing, an early music theme and correct musical allusions. This may require some research if you are a non-musician. 

If you’re not familiar with early music, you can find selected YouTube clips on the EMSQ website, as well as many more on YouTube. There are also some articles on early instruments on the same website.

For writers who have little or no experience of learning or playing music, Patrice Connelly has recorded some short podcasts with Meredith and Lori-Jay from the Queensland Writers Centre, which are below. These are a very brief and light-hearted look at some aspects of music which might spark some inspiration, as well as help writers to understand some of the experiences which are common to musicians, but not necessarily to those who have never played an instrument. QWC and EMSQ certainly suggest going on to do further research, as getting the musical aspects right will be a critical part of the judging.

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