Harpsichord Days

The Harpsichord timetable is here. Please note – there may be changes and updates to information.

Harpsichord Day 1.  7 April: This one day workshop is to introduce pianists to the harpsichord. The class will be limited to 6 participants. You will receive a comprehensive introduction to the harpsichord – history, how it works, its evolution and its repertoire. You will also have an introduction to continuo playing and more.

Harpsichord Day 2. 9 April: This one day workshop is for people who already play harpsichord. You should be at least intermediate level.  The class will be limited to 6 participants. Topics covered will include repertoire, temperaments and continuo, with plenty of practical work.

Tutors for these days will be Phillip Gearing and Peter Roennfeldt. Michael O’Loghlin will give a practical demonstration of temperaments and Jason Boyd will take the tuning and maintenance session.

Please do NOT enrol for both days. As places are so limited, we need to cater for as many people as possible, and the days will be quite different. The programs will be different both days, and targeted to the needs and level of the class.

We will have three or four harpsichords in the room, so students will not have to wait in line to try out what you have been taught. It should be two students to one harpsichord. Also keeping more than three or four harpsichords in reasonable tune will take too much time away from classes, so we have rationalised this to be more efficient.

It may be possible to come on other days for chamber music. This will need to be decided much closer to the Festival.

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