Viols – Lutes – Voices – 10-12 April (Good Friday to Easter Sunday)

The Viols lutes and singers class timetable is here! Please note – there could be changes and classes that are undersubscribed will be cancelled.

The Brisbane Early Music Festival Viols Workshop is the equivalent of the National Easter Viol School with added lutes and singers.

Tutors: Patrice Connelly, Jenny Eriksson, Michael O’Loghlin, Polly Sussex & Brent Wissick – viols
Joseph Meyers – lutes
Judit Molnar & Peter Roennfeldt – singers

Pitch: A415

Levels: For viols, this workshop will cater to everyone from beginner to advanced. If there is demand, some classes may be aimed at those who wish to become professional viol players.

Numbers: Numbers for viols, lutes and singers will be limited. The viol beginners class will be limited to 10 people, the lutes to 6 people and singers to 12.

Beginner Viols: We will assume NO prior experience on viol, but you must be able to read music (at least one clef fluently) and have played another instrument at least to intermediate level. We cannot cater for anyone who can’t read music and has never played another instrument.

Viols for loan: EMSQ owns a number of viols which will be made available to beginners during the Festival. In addition, various players and teachers may lend a viol. If you wish to start early on viol, please contact Patrice on 07 3129 0537. 

Classes: More information will be posted here as they are confirmed, but will include a beginner program, technique class, plenty of consorts and special topics for advanced players. Lutes and singers will have their own classes, but also be integrated into the viol groups so that we can play and sing lutesongs, verse anthems, cries and more. Lutes may also be involved in Dowland’s Lachrimae, and William Lawes’ Royall Consorts.

We will endeavour to give as many people as possible their first choice of class, but please understand that it may not be possible if high numbers of people choose a class which will have limited numbers.

Early strings will have a different timetable each day. This is due to the demands of overlapping workshops (with winds and viols/lutes/singers) but also the fact that we will have people who can already play a baroque stringed instrument and those who have never tried one and will need a crash course. You will be contacted after Registration to see which classes you will take.

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