Early Strings – 8-10 April (includes Good Friday)

The Early strings timetable is here now!

All sessions are 1.5 hours in length. Classes within each session of the timetable are concurrent.

This workshop is for two different groups: people who already play baroque violin, viola or cello, and modern players who want to learn how to play baroque strings and learn baroque performance practice.

Tutors: Lucinda Moon & Shaun Warden (baroque violin), Shannon Luk (baroque violin/viola), Polly Sussex & Brent Wissick (baroque cello)

Levels: There will not be a beginners class on strings. All players must be at least intermediate level or higher and very fluent in at least one clef. Classes will range up to advanced level, and a majority will be reasonably advanced repertoire.

Modern players: You will be more than welcome to participate, and while it would be wonderful if you could borrow a baroque instrument, it isn’t necessary to do so. You will need a baroque bow, and to change the two or three top strings on your violin or viola, or top two strings on cello to plain gut. This is not hugely expensive. You will also need to tune down a semitone and remove the chinrest on violins and violas. Cellos will not use the spike. None of this will change or damage your instrument and you can switch back to modern setup after the workshop. It is best to borrow/buy your bow and obtain strings at least a week before the workshop.

Pitch: A415

Classes: Lists will be posted here when confirmed, but will include introduction to baroque violin/viola/cello for modern players, advanced technique for baroque players, Renaissance consort music, Baroque chamber music and more. Rhetoric in music and baroque performance practice including ornamentation will be covered. It’s possible a small Theorchestra may be formed, but that is subject to enrolments.is

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