Winds Workshop – 6-8 April

The Wind classes timetable is now here! Please note – there could be changes and classes that are undersubscribed will be cancelled.

All sessions are 1.5 hours in length. Classes within each session of the timetable are concurrent.

The Winds workshop will be primarily aimed at recorder players, but there will be some tuition for baroque flute. Other wind instruments are welcome to join the workshop but there will not be tuition specific to your instrument. You can play with other wind instruments and learn new repertoire. Early brass players – sorry, we just couldn’t do everything. There’s not really a place for you, but EMSQ does have a lot of recorders to hire to members. If you want to join, hire and get a few lessons first, please be our guest!

Tutors for the winds workshop will be: Zana Clarke, Yvette Friend, Sarah Meagher, Hans Dieter Michatz and Wendy Russell. They will be joined by Eve Newsome for some special sessions the Flow Music Method.

Pitches: Predominantly A440, as this suits most players, but some advanced classes will be at A415

Class lists: These will be posted shortly, but will include technique classes at all levels, recorder orchestra, recorder and mixed consorts and special topics for advanced players. We will cover Mediaeval, Renaissance and Baroque eras.

Levels: There will not be a beginner class for this workshop. All participants should be at least at lower intermediate level and fluent in at least one clef.

More information will be posted as it is confirmed.

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