The Brisbane Early Music Festival will have daily concerts and workshops, with a strong emphasis on education. All workshops will take place at the Queensland Conservatorium at Southbank in Brisbane. The Queensland Con (part of Griffith University) is generously supporting the Festival.

The Festival workshop program consists of three main 3 day workshops, with smaller workshops added.

Dates: Winds  6-8 April (mostly recorders but baroque flutes and other wind instruments are welcome)
Early strings (baroque violins, violas, cellos, also modern strings with baroque bow and a change of strings) 8-10 April
Viols/Lutes/Voices 10-12 April

Additionally there will be two Harpsichord days.
1. 7 April will be an introduction to harpsichord for pianists. Limit 6 students, and each student will have access to a harpsichord in class. 
2. 9 April will be a workshop for people who already play harpsichord. Again, 6 harpsichords will be available. This workshop will also include a continuo class.

We have had to abandon the planned final day on 13 April (Easter Monday) for financial reasons.

Details of classes for each of the main workshops will be available soon, and will cover a wide range of music.

Many people may play more than one instrument, and wish to participate over more of the Festival. We encourage this. When bookings open , the first thing to do is to sign up for the three day workshop which most interests you. If you wish to then sign up for another workshop, just add the requisite number of extra days on to your fee. We’ll try to incorporate you into the instruments or genres that interest you most.

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