We will register participants via QTix. Bookings are NOW OPEN. Please read this page in full before you register.

Codes to get to each workshop on Qtix:

Unfortunately, due to illness, our lute tutor has had to pull out (we wish him well) and we have been unable to find a replacement teacher, so the lute part of the course has been cancelled. Lutenists may be interested in enrolling as beginner viol players, as the viol is like a big bowed guitar, and the tenor viol has the same tuning as a Renaissance lute.

Note for current Qld Conservatorium students: please do not use these links. Instead email Patrice (see Contact page) to discuss your interest. There will be separate arrangements made for you.

Process for Registration

1. Please read through the web pages for the various workshops (under the Program details tab)

2. Please read the Terms & Conditions thoroughly. They’re not long and they are in big print! Note especially the clauses on Code of Conduct and Refunds.

3. Find the self-rating guide for your instrument, or the guidance about minimum levels for other instruments.

4. Check that you fall within the standards we will be accepting into the workshops.

5. Click on the appropriate code for Qtix and enter your information and payment. Qtix will send us the information and we will contact you to do a more thorough registration (classes, food choices etc etc).

6. If you are a financial member of EMSQ, you will receive a discount code as a benefit of membership. If anyone wishes to join EMSQ first, please go to and click on the Membership tab. The EMSQ code is now available so please ask for it when you join.

7. If you have not been contacted within a week of registering, please contact EMSQ to find out if anything has been lost.

8. Check out the timetables and see what classes you wish to select (winds, strings and viols only). Note that beginner viols will have a set program, so need not indicate classes. Likewise harpsichord days and singers and lutes. The early strings timetable will differ daily due to overlapping workshops, so these people will be contacted after registration to determine classes.

9. Prepare for the Festival by keeping up to date with what’s on the website, getting a few extra lessons and practice in, taking photos of instruments you might bring in case of any loss or damage, label your music stands and tell all your friends that you’re coming and invite them to join in (subject to numbers and minimum standards being met!)9

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