Postponed – sorry!

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus outbreak, this event has been postponed. We do intend to run it late in 2020 or early 2021, depending on when the world returns to normality. Given the uncertainty around school and university campus closures, cancellation of mass gatherings and quarantine, it has become far too uncertain for EMSQ to risk its finances, or peoples’ health to run it right now.

Refunds will be available via Qtix for anyone who has signed up. We hope to see you in future when it is safe.

The short story competition is STILL ON and will not be cancelled. The only change is that prizegiving will now not be public, as the concert series has had to be cancelled. Prizes will be announced by QWC and publication of the winners will go ahead.

The booking codes have been removed from the registration page, but we will leave the general information up here for the time being. There will be some changes when we reopen for business but the core idea will remain the same.

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